Tuesday, 25 May 2010

"It's All Happening. . ."

So I received my final grades, and I am very happy! I graduated with a 3.3 =)

I'm really looking forward to celebrating with all my family and friends on Saturday at my grad party!!

I am headed back to Manhattan in a couple of hours to spend my last night in the city before graduation tomorrow morning. I need to get a haircut today! Later, I am going to a dinner event in City Hall Park with my friend Lindsey and hopefully seeing my friend Erica's new pad and then calling it an early night. I have to be at the wonderful Radio City Music Hall where my graduation is being held at 9:30 AM. Isn't that awesome though? To walk across the stage at Radio City to get your diploma. Pretty cool stuff. I can't believe it's all happening. To quote one of my favorite movies, Almost Famous, "It's all happening."

"What is happening?" You may be wondering. Well, I guess we shall see.

Until next time bloggers, readers, and friends

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