Monday, 24 May 2010

Getting To Know Your Parents

I'm getting to know my parents. Of course, we all think we know our parents, but we are mistaken if we think we know them completely. They were people before they had us. They had their own lives, and at one point were children like us. Surprising, right?

I encourage you to ask your parents questions about their history, their past. You can learn a lot from them. I love listening to my Mom tell me stories about growing up in Brooklyn, with her 8 siblings. Her life growing up was so different from mine. I grew up in suburban New Jersey with my older brother Mike. Mike is 7 years older than me.

My Father also grew up in Brooklyn and has an older brother and two sisters. I was very close to my father's mother, as my mom would say, "oh, to you, the sun rose and set on her." She was sweet, and gentle with me. She made me laugh. Her presence made me happy. She was the queen of telling stories. Oh, and her laugh, I could not get enough of her laugh. It'd be hard to explain, but it was just full of life.

My parents are such interesting people. They are both hard working individuals who didn't have anything handed to them. They had to work for what they wanted.

I have been very blessed to have such supportive parents, and I'm enjoying getting to know them.



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