Saturday, 22 May 2010

Dear Friend

Each individual's journey is unique.

When you begin to compare yourself to others, you must realize they are just on a different journey than the one you are on.

Maybe they are making more money, have a better job, nicer clothes, nicer hair, what have you. But, their journey is not yours. You will attain the things you want in life in due time. They may have achieved their dream job, and you are still searching. Remind yourself what you have gained through your struggles.

Before you judge someone, remind yourself that they are on their own journey and must learn life's lessons on their own accord. I am guilty of thinking "Why would that person say that or do that?" I can be very critical at times, but I must remind myself that everyone has their own ways of dealing with circumstances. My way isn't better or worse than theirs, it is just different.

You cannot rush someone to feel something. You cannot force someone to learn something. You cannot expect someone to understand something. We each have our own unique timeline that cannot be altered by someone else's imposing.

I struggle with this concept, but I know it is true. I find myself projecting onto people what I want them to be. Or knowing what they could be. Without accepting whom they truly are. I fail to acknowledge that they must grow and learn at their own pace, just like I do.

To wrap this up, It is important to understand that your journey is neither better nor worse than anyone else's, just different.

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