Sunday, 23 May 2010

frozen moments

i'm obsessed with pictures

they capture a moment, a feeling
they take you back to a place you were - not just physically but spiritually

You can look at a picture and remember the day and how you felt, what was going on in your life at that time

You can think about who you were in that moment and how far you've come

you may stumble upon pictures where you are with someone you no longer see or may never have another picture with again, but it does not take away from that moment. you may be sad, but be grateful for the moment you had

when i see my eyes in pictures i can decipher if i was genuinely happy. i'm grateful for those i'm with because i can attribute my happiness in that moment to them. same is true if you were sad, you can be grateful for those who made you sad for they made you wise. so thank you friends for sharing a moment with me. A moment frozen in time, that can never be erased

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