Tuesday, 1 June 2010

not schizophrenic just complex

wild, rebellious, quiet, homebody, shy, outgoing, thoughtful, closed off, hopeful romantic

these are some adjectives i'd use to describe myself. i was inspired by someone's blog entry about how he believes everyone has two sides to their personality

i have to agree with this. it has been confusing and a struggle for me at times because having extreme opposite personality traits can make me feel lost or incomplete. but, i just have to accept myself as I am. there is nothing wrong with who i am. i am just a complex individual, like everyone else. i may be super outgoing one day and tight lipped the next. i may be feeling very adventurous one day and not want to leave my house the next. i might want to go clubbing one night and stay in and watch a movie the next night. i might feel very happy one minute but become saddened by a thought or action that has occurred the next.

what's funny is some people have only seen certain sides of me, mainly because i only allow them to see certain sides of me. maybe because i do not trust them or feel that they deserve to see certain sides of me. the best part is these people choose to make judgements based on what they've seen. these people might even claim to be my friends, but this feeling is not mutual. i have a small number of people i consider to be my real friends.

so moral of this story is, i am beginning to understand that there are different parts of myself and i am learning to be okay with that.

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