Thursday, 17 June 2010

LIke I've mentioned before, It does not take much to make me happy. Simple things can make me ream with joy. Does ream make sense there? Possibly not. Possibly yes. I, sometimes use words just because I like them or the way they sound. Even if they are out of context. Maybe, I'm revolutionary. Or maybe I'm a fool.

Anywho, I check my blog at least once a day. Usually. I really enjoy writing. I write something everyday. A quote I think up. A poem. Random thoughts or words. I also read something everyday. I am currently reading Sarah Silverman's, Bedwetter and I have never laughed so hard at a book in my life. I've heard people say they do not like her and it bothers me because saying you don't like someone whom you most likely do not know is pretty harsh. On the other hand, maybe saying you do like someone you do not know is naive.

But, I like her. Her humor can be shocking but it's supposed to be. I've always liked people who were strange. I'm pretty strange myself. Her humor is smart though. She is usually trying to get people to see how silly racism and ignorance are by acting as if she was that way. That is my take on it at least. She said she will not get married until gay people can get married. She said something along the lines of why would you want to join a club that hates others, it's like joining a country club that doesn't like Jewish people. Sarah is Jewish and takes joy in poking fun of her self.

The point of this blog was to share my happiness with coming onto my blog and seeing new followers. But, I have digressed and discussed Sarah Silverman. Nevertheless, please keep reading and thank you.

I would love suggestions, questions, or comments for further blogs.

Thanks again friends. :-)


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